Immigrants Pay for Grandma While the Nation Presses for Deportation

The United States government is stealing money from my husband Enrique Gonzalez and millions of other immigrants living in the U.S. IRS tax code demands immigrants pay into U.S. tax coffers as a demonstration of "good moral character" while yet, despite popular misconception, immigrants are unable to benefit from the very system they are paying into.  Tantamount to white-collar robbery, immigrants are innocent victims of legalized robbery. False promises designed solely to benefit the nation, the government's assignment of tax identification numbers and collecting of income taxes to pay for social benefits they can not even take, all the while with a promise that compliance may enhance their application for legalization is theft and a disgrace upon the nation.

Putting it into perspective, Enrique has worked in the U.S. for more than a decade receiving meager wages while being taken advantage of by "the man" (white men who owned and managed a machine shop, as well as white real estate investors who hired him for home remodeling services), all the while being taxed on his income on the false promises that doing so will be considered in future legalization efforts. Worse still, he, and millions of other immigrants will never see the benefits of having paid into the system setup for providing social services and support when in need.

Enrique and millions of other immigrants like him have worked two jobs at a time - low paying jobs with typical employment income tax withheld, and while also filing annual income tax returns for years. He sent money home to help his family all the while digging deeper in his pocket to pay income taxes for services he'd never receive while the US Gov't seeks to criminalize him as Uncle Sam looks the other way.  The American government conveniently on the receiving end of millions of dollars of tax surplus, have selectively filtered out this part of reality, an inconvenient truth for this administration that would have you believe, all LatinX immigrants are a "public charge."

Flash forward to the 21st-century-America in which the deportation force is said to be focused only on "criminals" has now conveniently recast the immigrants as "bad hombres." In the nation "illegally" when yet the government themselves helped create the supposed illegals -  a clear-cut case of aiding and abetting -- as the United States issued tax ID's and collected income tax revenues, to their benefit of building a tax surplus, all the while complicit in the accused "crimes" the "illegals" have supposedly committed by the very issuance of a tax ID in the first place. Millions of innocent immigrants are following the instructions given, applying for and receiving officially assigned tax identification numbers, working, paying into U.S. tax coffers, and yet the very government that has so graciously enabled their stay while collecting millions of dollars of income is now seeking to deport them all.

Worse still, even if Social Security would still exist to his retirement age, he and the millions of other LatinX who are being robbed by the system, are NOT accruing credit for contributing into the U.S. social system, the money of which is currently supporting the millions of U.S. citizens receiving social security income. Paradoxically - many of the benefactors- the very individuals who proudly support Trump while outcasting Latinos, have turned their backs on Hispanics in America all the while supporting Trump's barbaric call for a wall, family separations, and inhumane deportation policies, while yet the very people they seek to viciously remove are paying into the tax coffers that pay their rent.

With fangs protruding, many-a-white retired or disabled folks who enjoy roofs over their heads, warm meals, and a free and (pseudo) safe society to live in -- benefit from a lifestyle paid for on the backs of the Latinos who suffer hard labor with low wages, inhumane discrimination, unjust criminalization in the court of public opinion, and uncivilized hate rhetoric that is so commonplace in today's society. Thanks to the white, wealthy, Christian, Republican, lying, egotistical, male, bigot (Trump) who has unleashed hate towards "bad hombres" from "shithole countries," the conscious of many in America is of hate for anyone from south of the border. And yet, these are the very people who are keeping the social security system solvent. Where is the justice?

The facts are, immigrants are paying for social services while the silver tsunami of baby boomers who are moving into retirement age at unprecedented rates is draining the system. All the while, immigrants (undocumented too) who are footing mom's, dad's, and grandma's bill, are being treated with such deplorable conditions!

LatinX immigrants among us - the loving, beautiful, family-centered, hardest-working-people-you'll ever meet - are being systematically robbed, raped, and pillaged by the white-collar criminals that are our politicians and citizens who continue to support the policies of this administration. As the disabled and retired enjoy their payday, Latinos are living in pain, fear, and in some cases face the risk of their family being separated and/or loved ones being deported. While Latinos pay into the system and are prohibited from receiving the benefit, the American Social Security system continues to survive on the dollars contributed by the very same individuals so many want to see forced from the nation. White collar political crimes against humanity- allowed to continue on the backs of those who have been silenced to the benefit of the oppressors! Wake up America! Is there no justice?

Immigrants Taxes Help Save the Social Security System

UPDATE - On August 14, 2019, the Department of Homeland Security published its final rule on "public charge." The rule suggests, undocumented immigrants present in the United States who have taken certain public benefits, would not be deemed inadmissible for asylum in the United States as they are deemed likely to become a burden to public welfare systems.  The irony is that far more undocumented members of American society are tax-paying contributors (not recipients of benefits) because it has long been held that adopting the American way of work and pay of taxes, was a demonstration of good moral character and would be considered for future legalization efforts. Conversely, applying for public service would be a factor that would be considered for future legalization. Why would anyone who had walked across the desert and faced such excruciating loss and risk, ever risk it all by applying for welfare benefits once in the states, if doing so had such a detrimental impact on future legalization efforts.

Assinine immigration targeting! Horrifying misinformation efforts! Immigrants are paying the toll!