Judges - ICE Prosecutors - Others Call for Closure of Immigration Courts As DOJ Risks Innocent Lives

Let me be clear, Enrique and I want to get on with our lives. We hope our April 8th hearing will continue as planned. That said - not at the risk of public health crises and risking people's lives. The Trump administration would just as soon see immigrants die rather than protect their health and well being.

While we're sick and tired of our lives being on hold with this illegitimate deportation chase the gov't is putting us through, what is more concerning, is that once again the racist ideologies behind the Trump administration are in plain view - now more than ever. As the entire nation is shutting down and calling for social distancing for everyone - the immigrant population is the least of their concerns.

I'm convinced, this administration and the GOP would just as soon see the immigrant population die of a pandemic before they would ever take action that might protect immigrant families from harm. This is their new low! How low will they go? Genocide? Or, is that precisely what is on their minds?!?