March 19, 2020 - Immigration Case Update

March 19, 2020 Immigration Case Update

In this very important video update, Harlon J. Wilson, U.S. citizen spouse of El Salvadoran native, Luis Enrique Gonzalez-Ortiz, provides an update regarding the couple's battle with immigration. Harlon urges viewers to consider kindness and compassion over xenophobic bullying when posting comments on social media and when communicating with others regarding the tragic impacts of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Lastly, this video begins to shine a bright light on one of the first steps that must be taken towards human-centered immigration reform - to remove immigration from the unilateral control of the President, Department of Justice, and Attorney general and better alight immigrant oversight with bipartisan congressional support.

With real-world facts, data, photos, and personal testimony, Harlon explains with openness and honesty, the horrific experiences his family has faced following the change of administration - including coercion that took place by a Texas judge resulting in the couple's denied motion to terminate the illegitimate deportation order that seeks separate this family with the removal of Enrique from the U.S. and into the harm's way of gang-controlled El Salvador.

Food, water, shelter, safety - all are basic human needs. With a call for kindness and compassion towards ALL fellow humans who are facing exceedingly difficult times in the midst of a global pandemic, Harlon starts to lay the groundwork for immigration reform by identifying just a snippet of one of the most underestimated egregious defects in the entire reporting structure of U.S. immigration. 

A top-down exceedingly biased (and currently discriminatory) approach, that has turned immigration judges into little more than deportation rubber-stampers stripped of the ability to preside over immigration hearings with judicial discretion. With hands-tied, immigration judges are increasingly rising up against the current administration's heavily-biased approach that is using the power of top posts in the current administration to whitewash America. 

Judges are increasingly speaking out and are quitting! The public must take note! We must stop sweeping immigration under the rug! Incarcerations, family separations, deportations, and xenophobic-charged rhetoric intent on turning the general population against immigrants is nothing less than ethnic cleansing. By sharing the details of their story, Enrique and Harlon seek to rise up for the rights of the millions of voiceless immigrants in America with the hope that you will watch, comment, follow, and share this video! 

Most importantly - please practice kindness and compassion towards immigrant families in your community!